Our company has been manufacturing carpets mechanically from 100 % virgin wool since 1953. Up until 2005, we produced exclusively for mosques and since 2005 we have also been producing carpets especially for hotels on computer?assisted looms.

The wool that is the raw material for our carpets is obtained first?hand from all over the world. The entire production, from manufacturing and dyeing the yarn through to the weaving process, is all done internally. Thanks to successful IWS tests, we are entitled to use the WOOLMARK quality symbol for extra heavy duty. Our carpets have been tested by the Aachen Textile and Flooring Institute (TFI) in accordance with the EN 135001? 1:2002, DIN 4101?1 standard and classified as heavily flame retardant with fire category Cfl – S1 (B1). As such, they also fulfil the CE standard and are marked with the CE label. Haskul carpets fulfil the conditions for the general building supervision approval of the DIBT (German Institute for Building Technology) with evidence of emissions conduct as per DIN EN 14041:2006?04 and bear the conformity symbol (Ü symbol). With its standards on quality management, environmental compatibility and industrial safety, our company fulfils the ISO standards 9001:2000, 14001 and 18001. We make no compromises whatsoever in terms of quality requirements at any single stage of production. We never use pelt wool, acrylic or synthetic fibres in our production. Our carpets are odour?free and moth?resistant. They do not fade or felt. The most important aspect for us is to offer our customers the highest quality at first hand at particularly favourable prices.


To manufacture carpets that conform to international quality standards to the satisfaction of our customers.


To become a world‐class company in carpet manufacturing by

offering perfect carpet manufacture and high quality services at home and abroad,

adapting quickly to new technological developments whilst also being a trendsetter in this respect,

giving highest priority to the satisfaction of users and employees, and becoming the first choice for business partners at home and abroad.

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    Domestic Manufacturing

The quality management of HASKUL HALI involves monitoring developments in our market segment precisely so as to be able to maintain our position in an increasingly competitive environment, always fulfilling the expectations of our customers, constantly monitoring and improving our manufacturing processes, establishing cost‐effective production standards, increasing the quality of our staff through training and improvements to the working environment, determining responsibilities for all parties involved, constantly monitoring adherence to these and constantly developing them further, and, by so doing, becoming a sought‐after partner in our market segment.

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As an ecologically responsible company, HASKUL HALI considers itself obliged to minimise the negative effects of its activities on the environment and to constantly improve its environmental balance sheet, adhere to all statutory requirements and guidelines, reduce consumption of natural resources and keep production waste as low as possible, make its staff aware of environmental aspects through training and motivate them to take part in voluntary environmental activities, raise the environmental awareness of its customers, subcontractors and suppliers as well as of all persons within its operating radius, and motivate them to take part in voluntary environmental activities, and always take account of the environmental factor when planning new projects.

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